AAHD joins NIH in launching the All of Us Research Program to Advance Precision Medicine


National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative


National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative

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Latest Issue of Disability and Health Journal -July 2019

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Dedicated to improve overall health and reduce health disparities for people with disabilities through health promotion and wellness.

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AAHD Call to Action to Promote the All of Us Research Program to People with Disabilities… click here

AAHD’s Public Policy Center – learn more about AAHD’s policy work…..click here.

AAHD invites women with disabilities to take survey on breast health screening accessibility…… click here

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City Health Dashboards: Empowering Cities To Create Thriving Communities

June 5 RWJ Foundation City Health Dashboard project webinar slides
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Consumer Voices in Healthcare Innovation – An Evaluation

June 12 Community Catalyst announced project evaluation
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Holding the Course: Stabilizing Business Operations on Home and Community Based Services – Register for June 20 Webinar

June 20 NASUAD HCBS Business Acumen project webinar registration, including NASDDDS
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Exploring Issues Relating To Disability Cultural Competence Among Practicing Physicians

July Disability and Health Journal article; there is a charge for the complete article
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America’s Health Rankings, 2019: Senior Report

June 13 John A. Hartford Foundation, United Health Fund, and Gerontological Advance Practice Nurses Association report
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Top 10 Promising Approaches To Improving Population Health

May 20 ASTHO brief
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