Significant Concerns About DOL Association Health Plans Rule & Promotion – Continued

The national Health Council, whose core membership are voluntary health agencies and patient groups, has submitted comments to the Department of Labor expressing “significant concerns” regarding the DOL proposed rule and advocacy of association health plans. AAHD is a NHC member. The March 6 NHC comments are here: PDF.

Nondiscrimination as a Continuing HUD Mission

AAHD has joined 573 organizations, including 164 national organizations, led by the National Fair Housing Alliance, reinforcing the importance of retaining nondiscrimination as a HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) mission. Available here is the March 8 coalition letter as well as the March 8 HUD Secretary open letter to HUD employees on this… Read More »»

Significant Concerns About DOL Association Health Plans Rule & Promotion

AAHD has joined the Coalition To Preserve Rehabilitation (CPR) expressing concerns with the Department of Labor AHP rule and promotion. The March 6 CPR letter to DOL is here: PDF.

Week of March 13, 2018

Jump Starting Community Inclusion: A Toolkit for Promoting Participation in Community Life February 7 Temple University RRTC on Community Inclusion Learn more here. Strengthening Long Term Services & Supports: Reform Strategies for States March 6 Center for Health Care Strategies webinar materials Learn more here. A Proposed Framework for Integration of Quality Performance Measures for… Read More »»

Reauthorizing Medicaid Money Follows the Person

AAHD has joined several coalitions, led the Disability and Aging Collaborative, supporting legislation to reauthorize the Medicaid MFP program. The March 5 coalition letters are here: House and Senate.   Also here is a one page chart listing the states currently using the Medicaid MFP funds:

118 Patient Groups – Object to Department of Labor Proposed “Association Health Plans” Rule & Promotion

AAHD has joined the “I Am Essential” coalition. The March 6 letter is here: PDF.

Importance of Medicaid To The Health of Children

AAHD has joined a coalition led by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Georgetown University Center for Children and Families expressing the importance of Medicaid to the health of children. The March 6 letter is here: PDF.

Access to Medicare Prescription Medications for Persons with Disabilities

AAHD has joined the Medicare Access for Patients Rx, writing CMS, with several proposals to improve access to Medicare medications. The March 5 letter is here: PDF.

Week of March 6, 2018

Healthcare Utilization as a Proxy in Social Security Programs Disability Determination March 1 National Academy of Medicine report Learn more here. Preventive Care and Health Screenings for Persons with Disabilities March 1 CMS MMCO Resources for Integrated Care announced November 2, 2017 webinar materials Learn more here. No Wrong Door – Medicaid Administrative Claiming As… Read More »»

Medicaid Home-and-Community Based Services – CMS Settings Rule

AAHD has joined a collaboration of 3 national disability advocacy organizations stating the important role played by the Administration for Community Living (ACL) in implementing the HCBS settings rule. The February 23 letter is here: PDF.