Policy Updates

The American Association on Health and Disability plays an important role in disability policy and advocacy at the national level. AAHD strives to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities receive attention and respect on the national legislative agenda. AAHD is involved in numerous disability coalitions and networks that address the needs of people with disabilities. Please visit the Policy site to learn more about our activities in this area. AAHD staff maintain an active role in Washington, DC to ensure that health promotion and wellness for people with disabilities is on the disability and healthcare agenda. AAHD staff have positions on the APHA, Disability Section, Executive Council; the CDC, NCBDDD, Executive Committee; Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities-CCD and serve on the National Health Council; Coalition for Health Funding; Disability Rehabilitation and Research Coaltion; Coalition for Whole Health, Patient Care Primary Care Collaborative; and other coalitions advocating for policy that works towards reducing health disparities between people with disabilities and the general population and reducing the incidence of secondary conditions in children and adults with disabilities.

Delaying Medicaid Electronic Visit Verification Rules for Personal Care Services and Home Health Services

AAHD has joined the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) supporting legislation (HR 6042 & HR 5912) delaying proposed Medicaid EVV rules. The June 19 letter to House leaders is here: PDF.

Promoting Integrated Whole Health Thru Integrated Physical Health and Substance Use Disorder Medical Records

As a member of the Partnership To Amend 42 CFR Part 2, AAHD is supporting legislation (HR 6082) on the House floor to integrate medical records consistent with HIPAA. Available here is the Partnership letter, a half page Partnership “Politico” advertisement, and a running one line “Politico” ad.

Federal Program Funding Impacting Disability & Rehabilitation Research

AAHD has joined the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Coalition (DRRC) recommending high priority program funding to the Senate Appropriations Committee. The June 8 DRRC letter is here: PDF.

Funding the CDC REACH (Racial & Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) Program

AAHD has joined a coalition led by the Trust for America’s Health asking the House Appropriations Committee to adequately fund the CDC REACH program. The June letter is here: PDF.

Funding the US Consumer Product Safety Commission – Pool Safety Grant Program

AAHD has supported a YMCA led effort to renew funding for the federal government’s pool safety program. The June 12 letter is here: PDF.

House Floor Consideration of Opioid-Related Legislation (one page overview)

Available here is a NASMHPD June 8 one page overview of House of Representatives floor consideration of opioid-related legislation.

Funding Lifespan Respite & Family Caregiver Support Programs

AAHD has joined a coalition supporting funding for respite and caregiver programs. The June 8 letter is here: PDF.

Disability Organizations on Social Security Trustees Report

The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, Task Force on Social Security, issued the following June 6 statement: PDF.  

Nation’s Governors Support Integrated Physical Health and Substance Use Disorder Medical Records

AAHD belongs to the Partnership To Amend 42 CFR, Part 2, to integrated physical health and SUD medical records. The National Governors’ Association has endorsed H.R. 5795, legislation to move towards such integration by making 42 CFR and HIPAA privacy standards consistent. The June 7 NGA letter is here: PDF.

Bundled Payments & Disability-Related Quality Measures

AAHD has joined three coalitions – Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), Coalition To Preserve Rehabilitation (CPR), and Independence Through Enhancement of Medicare and Medicaid (ITEM) Coalition recommending to CMS that quality measures related to functional outcomes, patient/beneficiary experience, and beneficiary satisfaction be included in pending “bundled payment” rules. The June 1 letter is here:… Read More »»