Policy Updates

The American Association on Health and Disability plays an important role in disability policy and advocacy at the national level. AAHD strives to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities receive attention and respect on the national legislative agenda. AAHD is involved in numerous disability coalitions and networks that address the needs of people with disabilities. Please visit the Policy site to learn more about our activities in this area. AAHD staff maintain an active role in Washington, DC to ensure that health promotion and wellness for people with disabilities is on the disability and healthcare agenda. AAHD staff have positions on the APHA, Disability Section, Executive Council; the CDC, NCBDDD, Executive Committee; Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities-CCD and serve on the National Health Council; Coalition for Health Funding; Disability Rehabilitation and Research Coaltion; Coalition for Whole Health, Patient Care Primary Care Collaborative; and other coalitions advocating for policy that works towards reducing health disparities between people with disabilities and the general population and reducing the incidence of secondary conditions in children and adults with disabilities.

Medicaid Work Requirements – Behavioral Health Groups Express Grave Concerns

AAHD has joined 160 organizations, led by the Coalition for Whole Health, expressing grave concerns with proposed Medicaid work requirements. The February 15 letter to HHS & CMS is here: PDF.

Updating Medical Records Privacy To More Effectively Respond to the Opioid Epidemic

AAHD has joined the Partnership to Amend CFR Part 2 in making recommendations to the Senate Committee on Finance. Available here are the February 16 Partnership letter and statement of goals and members.

Disability Community Statement to CMS on Medicaid Work Requirements

AAHD has joined the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities stating thoughts and opposition to CMS proposed Medicaid work requirements. The February 7 CCD letter is here: PDF.

Objecting to Department of Transportation Elimination of Equity Commission

AAHD has joined the Transportation Equity Caucus objecting to the elimination of the DOT Transportation Equity Advisory Commission. The January 29 letter is here: PDF.

Requesting Medicare Program Extensions

AAHD has joined a coalition of over 50 national organizations requesting Congress to extend Medicare programs to assist vulnerable persons while it works on “Continuing” Appropriations Resolution. The February 2 letter is here: PDF.

Supporting Legislation To Strengthen Implementation & Enforcement of Behavioral Health Parity in Health Insurance (S 2301 & HR 4778)

AAHD has joined the Mental Health Liaison Group supporting legislation by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Representative Joseph Kennedy (D-MA). The January 26 letters are here: Warren; Kennedy.

Importance of Non-Defense Discretionary Programs – 2,000 Organizations to Congress

AAHD has joined 2,000 reminding Congress of the importance of non-defense discretionary program funding. The January 24 letter is here: PDF.

Oppose Congressional $750 Million Cut To Prevention & Public Health Fund

AAHD has joined a coalition, led by the Trust for America’s Health, opposing the $750 million cut in the PPHF in the most recent House Continuing Resolution. The January 18 letter is here: PDF.

Strengthening Beneficiary Access & Protections to Medicare Prescription Medications

AAHD has joined the Medicare Access for Patients Rx (MAPRx) providing comments to CMS on proposed Medicare Part D rules. The January 16 letter is here: PDF.

Sustaining the Work of the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ)

AAHD has joined the Friends of AHRQ requesting Congressional appropriations to sustain the important work done by AHRA. Available here are the January 8 letters to the House and Senate.