Wellness Campaign

Wellness lifestyles I: A theoretical framework linking wellness, health lifestyles, and complementary and alternative medicine.

Scholarship concerning complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices within the United States could benefit from incorporating sociological perspectives into the development of a comprehensive research agenda. We review the literature on health and wellness emphasizing definitions and distinctions, the health lifestyles literature emphasizing issues of both life choices and life chances, and studies of CAM […]

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Wellness lifestyles II: Modeling the dynamic of wellness, health lifestyle practices, and Network Spinal Analysis.

OBJECTIVE: Empirical application of a theoretical framework linking use of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA; a holistic, wellness-oriented form of complementary and alternative medicine [CAM]), health lifestyle practices, and self-reported health and wellness. DESIGN: Cross-sectional self-administered survey study. RESPONDENTS: Two thousand five hundred and ninety-six (2596) patients from 156 offices of doctors who were members of […]

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Assessment of a holistic wellness program for persons with spinal cord injury.

OBJECTIVE: To test the effectiveness of a holistic (comprehensive and integrated) wellness program for adults with spinal cord injury. DESIGN: A total of 43 adults with spinal cord injury were randomly assigned to intervention or control groups. The intervention group attended six half-day wellness workshops during 3 mos, covering physical activity, nutrition, lifestyle management, and […]

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