Preventing recurrent pressure ulcers in veterans with spinal cord injury: impact of a structured education and follow-up intervention.

OBJECTIVE: To test the hypothesis that enhanced education and structured follow-up after pressure ulcer surgery will result in fewer recurrences. DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial. SETTING: Veterans Affairs medical center. PARTICIPANTS: Forty-nine veteran men with spinal cord injury or dysfunction were approached on admission for pressure ulcer surgery. Five never had surgery, 2 refused to participate, […]

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Pressure ulcers in veterans with spinal cord injury: a retrospective study.

Pressure ulcers are a major complication of spinal cord injury (SCI) and have a significant effect on general health and quality of life. The objectives of this retrospective chart review were to determine prevalence, duration, and severity of pressure ulcers in veterans with SCI and to identify predictors of (1) outcome in terms of healing […]

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