Substance Abuse

Risk and resilience for substance abuse among adolescents and adults with LD.

Substance abuse is a major problem affecting the health and well-being of many people in our society. Although anecdotal evidence concerning linkages between learning disabilities (LD) and substance abuse has been common, this association is not well documented or understood. This article reviews the current research on substance abuse for adolescents and adults with LD, […]

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The long-term treatment outcomes of depression and anxiety comorbid with substance abuse.

The impact of the comorbidity of psychiatric disorder and substance abuse on treatment outcomes was estimated using data from a longitudinal survey of 1,920 individuals who were followed nearly 15 years. Individuals with anxiety or depression symptoms at baseline generally experienced increased distress at follow-up; those who received mental health treatment experienced decreased distress at […]

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Impact of substance abuse on the course and treatment of bipolar disorder.

Objective: The objectives of this article are to review the prevalence, natural history, pathophysiology, and treatment of comorbid bipolar disorder with alcoholism and other psychoactive substance use disorders (PSUDs). Methods: All identified bibliographies through a literature search of all Medline files and bibliographies of selected articles focusing on the prevalence, natural history, course, prognosis, inter-relationship, […]

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