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“Canaries in the mine…” the impact of Affordable Care Act implementation on people with disabilities: Evidence from interviews with disability advocates

Stephan Lindner, Ph.D. , Ruth Rowland, M.A., Margaret Spurlock, M.P.H.1,, Stan Dorn, J.D., Melinda Davis, Ph.D. Disability and Health Journal, Volume 11, Issue 1,  January 2018, Pages 86-92 DOI: Background The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has many provisions that could improve health care for people with disabilities, including Medicaid expansion and the ability to purchase […]

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Healthcare utilization and associated barriers experienced by wheelchair users: A pilot study

Michael D. Stillman, M.D, Gina Bertocci, Ph.D., P.E, Craig Smalley, M.Eng., Steve Williams, M.D, Karen L. Frost, Ph.D., M.B.A. Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 10, Issue 4, p502–508 DOI:   Background More than twenty-five years after passage of the ADA, little remains known about the experiences of wheelchair users when attempting to access health care and how accessibility may influence health […]

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“We don’t know. We’ve never had anybody like you before”: Barriers to perinatal care for women with physical disabilities

Lesley A. Tarasoff Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 9, Issue 3, p457–463 DOI:   Background While more women with physical disabilities are becoming mothers, many encounter barriers to perinatal care and experience poor outcomes. Little is known about the perinatal care experiences and outcomes of women with physical disabilities in Canada. Objective This qualitative study sought to understand […]

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