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A conceptual model of patient-professional communication as a self-management skill: A latent growth change modeling

Sam C.C. Chan, Ph.D., Chetwyn C.H. Chan, Ph.D., Andrew M.H. Siu, Ph.D., Peter K.K. Poon, M.Sc. Disability and Health Journal,October 2015 Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 602–610 DOI: Background Patient Communication with healthcare professionals is an integral self-management skill. Yet the underlying mechanisms explaining how such communication might be enhanced across time have not been well studied. Objectives Based… Read More »»

Attitude of physiotherapy students in Nigeria toward persons with disability

Grace O. Vincent-Onabajo, Ph.D., Wasinda S. Malgwi, B.M.R. (PT) Department of Medical Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy), College of Medical Sciences, University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 8, Issue 1, p102–108 Published online: July 5 2014 Abstract Background Attitudes of students of health care professions, such as physiotherapy, toward persons with… Read More »»

A curriculum on care for people with disabilities: Effects on medical student self-reported attitudes and comfort level

Previous presentation: Previously presented at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, Conference on Medical Student Education, January 2012, and at the North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Meeting, November 2011. Andrew B. Symons, M.D., M.S., Christopher P. Morley, Ph.D., M.A., C.A.S., Denise McGuigan, M.S.Ed., Elie A. Akl, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Disability and Health Journal,… Read More »»

Disparities in patient-physician communication for persons with a disability from the 2006 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS)

Diane L. Smith, Ph.D., OTR/L Department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211, USA Disability and Health Journal, October 2009Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 206–215 DOI: Abstract Background Ineffective patient-physician communication has been shown to result in poorer health outcomes for various vulnerable populations. However, little research has been done on… Read More »»

Desired educational outcomes of disability-related training for the generalist physician: knowledge, attitudes, and skills

Minihan PM, Robey KL, Long-Bellil LM, Graham CL, Hahn JE, Woodard L, Eddey GE; Alliance for Disability in Health Care Education. Acad Med. 2011 Sep;86(9):1171-8. doi: 10.1097/ACM.0b013e3182264a25. Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts 02111, USA. The problems adults with disabilities face obtaining quality primary care services… Read More »»

Evidence-based training of health professionals to inform families about disability

Harnett A, Bettendorf E, Tierney E, Guerin S, O’Rourke M, Hourihane JO. Arch Dis Child. 2013 Jun;98(6):413-8. doi: 10.1136/archdischild-2012-303037. Epub 2013 Apr 20. Department of Research, National Federation of Voluntary Bodies Providing Services to People with Intellectual Disability, Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore, Galway, Ireland; OBJECTIVE:   The development, delivery and evaluation of a training programme… Read More »»

Disability assessment: the efficacy of multimedia interactive nurse education

Chiang HC, Lin FY, Hwu YJ. J Nurs Res. 2013 Jun;21(2):83-93. doi: 10.1097/jnr.0b013e3182921f5a. 1MSN, RN, Director, Department of Nursing, Fong-Yuan Hospital, Department of Health, Executive Yuan 2PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Information Management, Overseas Chinese University 3PhD, RN, Professor, College of Nursing, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology. BACKGROUND:  Nearly 3% of the population… Read More »»

NQF Releases Interim Report to CMS on Quality Measures for Dual Eligibles

By Clarke Ross, D.P.A. The National Quality Forum, a nonprofit membership organization created to develop and implement a national strategy for healthcare quality measurement and reporting, builds consensus on national priorities and goals for performance improvement. The NQF released its interim report to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on quality measures for… Read More »»

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