Differences in physical health, and health behaviors between family caregivers of children with and without disabilities

Meen Hye Lee, Ph.D., R.N., Chang Park, Ph.D., Alicia K. Matthews, Ph.D., Kelly Hsieh, Ph.D. Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 10, Issue 4, p565–570 DOI:   Background Providing care for children with disabilities can negatively influence the physical health and health behaviors of family caregivers. Objectives/hypothesis The study purposes were to compare the prevalence of chronic conditions and health risk behaviors… Read More »»

Using a flipped classroom and the perspective of families to teach medical students about children with disabilities and special education

Mary E. Sheppard, Ed.D., Nancy Vitalone-Raccaro, Ph.D , Jacqueline M. Kaari, D.O., F.A.C.O.P., F.A.A.P., Taiwo T. Ajumobi, M.S. Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 10, Issue 4, p552–558 DOI:     Background The need to teach medical students to care for children with disabilities, work effectively with these patients’ families, and collaborate with schools has been well established. Yet, what is not… Read More »»

Health of US parents with and without disabilities

Henan Li, PhD, Susan L. Parish, PhD, MSW, Monika Mitra, PhD, Joanne Nicholson, PhD Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 10, Issue 2, p303–307 DOI:   Background The health of parents with disabilities is not well understood. Existing research has used small, non-representative samples. The lack of research using national representative data has hindered advocacy and policy-making efforts. Objective In the… Read More »»

How physicians support children with disabilities and their families: Roles, responsibilities and collaborative partnerships

Mary E. Sheppard, Ed.D., Nancy Vitalone-Raccaro, Ph.D. Department of Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education, Rowan University, USA Disability and Health Journal, Volume 9, Issue 4 Published online: May 27, 2016 DOI: Background The American Association of Pediatricians (AAP), in collaboration with the Council for Children with Disabilities and the Council on School Health, recommends that physicians learn… Read More »»

Associations between neurodevelopmental disorders and factors related to school, health, and social interaction in schoolchildren: Results from a Swedish population-based survey

Linda Beckman, Ph.D., Staffan Janson, M.D., Ph.D., Laura von Kobyletzki, Ph.D. Disability and Health Journal, Volume 9, Issue 4 Published online: May 18, 2016 DOI: Background Children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely to be surrounded by different risk factors. In order to work preventively with decreasing ADHD and ASD… Read More »»

Quality of life and psychological affect related to sport participation in children and youth athletes with physical disabilities: A parent and athlete perspective

Deborah R. Shapiro, Ph.D.Correspondence information about the author Ph.D. Deborah R. ShapiroEmail the author Ph.D. Deborah R. Shapiro, Laurie A. Malone, Ph.D. Disability and Health Journal, Volume 9, Issue 3 Published online: December 02, 2015 DOI: Background Adapted sport, with its recreational, therapeutic, and competitive characteristics is increasingly serving as a forum through which to develop… Read More »»

Adults’ recollections and perceptions of childhood caregiving to a parent with significant physical disability

Lisa I. Iezzoni, M.D., M.Sc., Amy J. Wint, M.Sc., Karen A. Kuhlthau, Ph.D., Alexy Arauz Boudreau, M.D., M.P.H. Disability and Health Journal, Volume 9, Issue 2 Published online: November 19, 2015 DOI: Background Caregiving roles of children <18 years of age living with parents with health conditions or disability have been studied extensively abroad, but little… Read More »»

Development and psychometric properties of a scale assessing the needs of caregivers of children with disabilities

Seok Hong Tan, M.P.H, Postgraduate Unit, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Disability and Health Journal, July 2015 Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 414–423 DOI: Background Planning and evaluation of health care services for children with disabilities requires information on their caregivers’ needs. Objective This paper aims to present… Read More »»

Becoming disabled: The association between disability onset in younger adults and subsequent changes in productive engagement, social support, financial hardship and subjective wellbeing

Eric Emerson, Ph.D., Maina Kariuki, M.Sc., Anne Honey, Ph.D., Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Ph.D. Centre for Disability Research and Policy, University of Sydney, Australia Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 7, Issue 4, p448–456 Published online: April 23, 2014 DOI: Background Very few population-based studies have investigated the association between the onset of health conditions/impairments associated with… Read More »»

A survey on feasibility of ICF-CY use to describe persisting difficulties in executing tasks and activities of children and adolescent with disability in Italy

Paolo Meucci, Ph.D., Matilde Leonardi, M.D., Marina Sala, M.D., Andrea Martinuzzi, M.D., Emanuela Russo, Psy.D., Mara Buffoni, Ph.D., Guido Fusaro, M.D., Alberto Raggi, Psy.D. Disability and Health Journal, Vol. 7, Issue 4, p433–441 Published online: June 7, 2014 DOI: Background The criterion for the provision of disability benefits to people under 18 in Italy… Read More »»