Alcohol Use

Alcohol and drug abuse among persons with multiple sclerosis.

Objective: To examine the one-month prevalence and impact of substance abuse in a large community sample of persons with multiple sclerosis (MS). Methods: Members of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of King County were surveyed by mail. This multifaceted health survey included questions pertaining to substance abuse. Seven hundred and thirty-nine out of 1374 potential participants […]

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The relationship of spinal cord injury trauma to alcohol misuse: a study of monozygotic twins.

Background: Substance misuse frequently is correlated with serious trauma such as spinal cord injury (SCI). Two hypotheses to this effect are (a) substance abuse predates injury and is a risk factor or trigger for serious injury such as SCI; or (b)substance abuse begins postinjury, and alcohol or other drugs are used to ameliorate the physical […]

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A typology of alcohol use patterns among persons with recent traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury: implications for treatment matching.

Objective: To describe empirically valid and clinically meaningful types of alcohol use among persons with recent traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. Design: Cross-sectional cohort survey. Setting: Acute inpatient rehabilitation program in a level I trauma center. Participants: A total of 218 (87%) of 250 consecutive initial admissions who met inclusion criteria and completed interviews. […]

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