Health Promotion and Wellness for People with Disabilities

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, an individual with a disability is someone who: 1) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; or (2) has a record of such an impairment; or (3) is regarded as having such an impairment (the Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990). More than […]

AAHD Promotes Child Fitness

AAHD has joined 73 other national organizations and many local-state-regional organizations in endorsing the “Fitness Integrated with Technology (FIT)” Act (S. 576/H.R. 1057). The legislation promotes child health with a focus on childhood obesity. A copy of the coalition letter sent to the House of Representatives is attached. The April 14, 2011 letter is available for […]

AAHD Seeks to Improve School Nutrition

To further our mission to improve health, AAHD has joined the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA) supporting recently announced regulations to enhance the nutritional quality of school meals. The April 13, 2011 letter is available for download: PDF.

Promoting CDC’s Important Public Health and Disability Role

AAHD has joined 89 other national organizations in promoting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) important role in public health and disability. The CDC Coalition April 4, 2011 letter promoting these roles is available for download: PDF.

Preventing Suicide

AAHD has joined the Mental Health Liaison Group (MHLG) to reauthorize the Garrett Lee Smith suicide prevention programs. The April 5, 2011 MHLG letter to the four U.S. Senator co-sponsors of the legislation, S. 740 is available for download: PDF.

Combating Autism

AAHD has joined other members of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) in advocating the reauthorization of the Combating Autism Act. The April 2 CCD letter is available for download: PDF, as well as the May 26th letter: PDF

Importance of the Prevention and Public Health Fund

Roberta Carlin joined 54 other health organization CEOs asking the President to maintain the Prevention and Public Health Fund. A copy of the April 1, 2011 letter facilitated by the Trust for America’s Health is available for download: PDF

United Spinal Association Answers FAQs on Health Care Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act celebrated its first anniversary on March 23, 2011. A lot has happened since the law passed — legal challenges and vitriolic congressional debate — and there is considerable confusion about when or even whether the reforms will move forward. To introduce some much-needed clarity, the United Spinal Association […]

Protecting the Nation’s Investment in Health

AAHD joined 469 other national organizations and 6 former Surgeon Generals in asking Congress to maintain the nation’s investment in health spending. A copy of the March 24, 2011 letter facilitated by the Coalition for Health Funding is available for download: PDF. Fifteen national organizations, including AAHD, joined Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) encouraging Congress to appropriate funds for […]

More Health Screening for People with Disabilities

Roughly 54 million Americans have some type of disability and these Americans are less likely to receive health screenings than other Americans — despite being at higher risk of many chronic conditions and illnesses.1 Health screenings are the gateway to health resources, including medical care, social support groups and health promotion interventions. Read more: download full PDF