Delaware: Making Health Strides for People With Disabilities

Alisha Raiford-Hall and Tom Kelly of Delaware’s Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) have been hard at work. Thanks to a grant from the CDC in 2005, the division has been able to start incorporating the needs of Delawareans with disabilities into its overall Healthy People 2010 programs. As part of that effort, the Healthy Delawareans with […]

Call to Action: IOM Assessment of the Future of Disability

More than 40 million Americans live with a disability today. And unless the United States adopts smarter policies soon, the future will see far more people living with disabilities, many of them facing unnecessary restrictions that could be minimized by acting now. That’s according to a recent report prepared by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) […]

Compendium of Initiatives on Emergency Preparedness and People with Disabilities in CDC Funded States

ARKANSAS     Description of Activities The Arkansas Disability and Health Program has been working with disability agencies and organizations to assess knowledge levels regarding preparedness among people with disabilities.  This information has been used to develop targeted messages to improve preparedness.  Audiences targeted have included people with disabilities, caregivers, and agency personnel.   The […]

Healthy Delawareans With Disabilities: 2010

Delaware Health and Social Services has received year-one funding from the CDC to implementHealthy Delawareans With Disabilities: 2010. The Division of Developmental Disabilities Services, in formal collaboration with the Division of Public Health (DPH) and in partnership with several of its other sister agencies in Delaware Health and Social Services, will collaborate with the Delaware Developmental Disabilities […]