The American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) will be assisting the National Council on Aging (NCOA) Center for Healthy Aging,  National Resource Center on Chronic Disease Self Management, to move scaling Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) Programs forward within the disability community.   This project is funded by the Dept. of HHS Administration for Community Living (ACL).   AAHD will support the NCOA and the CDSME programs in the following ways:


  • Serve on an advisory role to support the Administration on Community Living funded Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) and Fall Prevention Grantees funded by NCOA
  • Conduct webinars for grantees
  • Provide feedback and technical assistance on new CDSME marketing materials
  • Develop Engaging Adults with Disabilities Toolkit
  • Present at CDSME and Fall Prevention Resource Centers Annual Meeting


  • AAHD project staff will provide 1:1 and Group Technical Assistance to each of the new Chronic Disease Self-Management Education grantees. The focus will be on building their disability knowledge, the importance of stakeholder and community engagement, building partnerships with disability organizations, understanding accessibility beyond physical accessibility to increase recruitment efforts, and being a resource on disability content areas.
  • AAHD will provide links to information about NCOA evidenced-based programs on the AAHD website and assist with dissemination of NCOA evidenced-based program information through AAHD social media strategies.
  • AAHD will present at CDSME and Falls Prevention Resource Centers Annual Meeting in May 2016.
  • AAHD will develop Fact Sheet to assist grantees in actively engaging and retaining adults with disabilities into their programs, titled “Effectively Networking and Building Partnerships Between Aging and Disability Organizations.”



  • AAHD will bring expertise and visibility to the National Resource Center’s efforts to scale CDSME specifically by developing appropriate messaging to recruit/engage individuals with disabilities to participate in CDSME workshops.
  • AAHD will serve on the Center’s Advisory Panel and Workgroup focused on recruitment, as well as providing ongoing expertise around working with the disability services community and people with disabilities.
  • AAHD, as a national leader in information dissemination related to disability and public health, will assist in disseminating information to organizations including disability organizations, mental illness peer wellness specialists and Medicaid financed personal care services and cash and counseling programs.
  • AAHD project staff will assist in the development of various tools and marketing products to actively engage persons with disabilities and their families to assist in ensuring access to community – based and online CDSME programs.
  • AAHD will engage in recruitment of people with disabilities to participate in CDSME programs, as well as engaging professionals and organizations that provide services to people with disabilities to serve as sites for workshop implementation.