Wellness for Women With Polio

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Michigan


Format             Curriculum

This health promotion curriculum established for women with polio consisted of four, three-hour classes on physical activity, stress management, and nutrition, all of which were related to the late effects of polio. During the health education module, participants received individualized feedback in a session with class facilitators, during which wellness goals and issues geared toward each individual participant with polio were discussed. The health education component was conducted by an individual with polio. Educational materials were compiled into an extensive manual that was distributed to each participant. The exercise module consisted of topics on managing pain and fatigue in the affected muscle groups, appropriate rest intervals during exercise, and avoiding overuse injury. Home exercises were provided to each participant. The nutrition module consisted of topics related to good nutrition and weight management, and the stress management module showed techniques to control stress related to the participants’ condition.


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