Toronto Training Board: Partnership on Mentoring for Students with Learning Disabilities

PROJECT NAME: Partnership on Mentoring for Students with Learning Disabilities


Toronto Training Board
890 Yonge Street, Suite 604
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3P4
Tel: 416-934-1653
Fax: 416-934-1654
TTY: 416-934-9286

FUNDING SOURCE: The Toronto Training Board receives funding from the Ontario Ministry of Education, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and Human Resources Development Canada. Although the Board is government-funded, it is an independent, not-for-profit corporation.

POPULATION SERVED: students with learning disabilities
SERVICE TYPE: career/job mentoring program for students with learning disabilities
SERVICES PROVIDED: The mission of this program is to assist in the training of and job retention for teens and young people with learning disabilities moving into the labor market. Its purpose is to develop and help with the long-term vision of a community based organization running the program. The goals of this partnership for 2003-2004 were achieved: 1) To produce a resource manual for a mentoring program (available in pdf format from the website above), which will target young people in high school who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. To accomplish this, other manuals and resource materials were used and adapted. The manual will provide mentors with the information, procedures and guidelines needed to be successful; 2) to identify and interview 20 students with learning disabilities to participate in the pilot; and 3) to get agreements in principle from Community partners regarding pilot implementation in 2004-5.

The achievement of these goals is the start of a longer term process, which is to work with other relevant organizations to implement, administer, support, and evaluate the project. With a commitment from sponsors, a second phase will be planned in 2004-2005 which would include a pilot implementation and evaluation component.