The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA)

The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA)


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The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) is a national network of assistive technology resource centers, individual and organizational associates, and technology vendors and developers, with the mission of increasing the use of technology by children and adults with disabilities and functional limitations.  Technology Resource Centers are nonprofit organizations which encourage collaboration among people with disabilities, family members, and professionals in related fields and provide: a place where family members, educators, employers, legislators and people with disabilities can explore computers, software, adaptive devices and telecommunications systems; direct service to people with disabilities; technical assistance to teachers, service providers and therapists who work with people with disabilities; training sessions for school districts and colleges; and services to community organizations and employment programs. Associate Members meet the needs of people with disabilities in each community where membership is represented, and Vendor Members provide technology products and support the ATA Community.


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The Alliance for Technology Access

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