Solutions: Assistive Technology for People with Hidden Disabilities

The Iowa Department of Public Health and the Brain Injury Association of Iowa, with assistance from the Iowa Program for Assistive Technology and the Center for Disabilities and Development.  This project was funded through a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal Child and Health Bureau. Its creation is part of the Iowa Department of Public Health’s “Meeting the Needs of Iowans with Traumatic Brain Injury” grant.


Format             Booklet


This booklet discusses aids that can be used by people with problems with memory, distraction, planning and task completion, and confusion.  These aids include: reminder, bathroom, kitchen, time management, medication, monitoring, surveillance, environmental, locating, comforting, light regulating, sleep, reinforcing, and stabilizing aids; phones and pagers; task organizers; fire and smoke alarms; and adaptive utensils.  Also included is information on finding and funding assistive technology and services.


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Judy Lee, Director

Interagency Program for Assistive Technology

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