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LIFE-H was developed to assess the quality of social participation of people with disabilities by estimating how they accomplish activities of daily living and social roles. This website discusses the purpose of the measure, available versions, features of the measure, alternative forms of the LIFE-H, client suitability, and the languages in which the measure is available.  The website also provides an opportunity to download sample versions of both the General Short Form (LIFE- H 3.1), and General Long Form (LIFE- H 3.0) (they are for viewing purposes only and may not be reproduced).




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Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique (“CHART”)


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In the late 1980s, Craig Hospital developed a survey to measure Social Participation or Community Integration, which involves how well people with disabilities are able to function as members of their households and participate in their communities and as citizens of their world. On an individual level, CHART is able to show how one’s disability does or does not affect one’s participation in society; it can also compare the disability levels of groups of people, and can be used to measure the effectiveness of rehabilitation and other social programs in involving people with disabilities in their communities.  The CHART survey measures six areas of social participation: Cognitive Independence, Physical Independence, Mobility, Occupation, Social Integration, and Economic Self-Sufficiency. Both short and long versions of CHART are used at Craig Hospital, by the U.S. government-funded Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Model Systems programs, and by other researchers worldwide. The short and long versions of the actual survey and guidelines for their use are included on the website below.




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