Sexuality Resources & Programs: Spinal Cord Injury

“Lived Experiences that Impede or Facilitate Sexual Pleasure and Orgasm in People with Spinal Cord Injury”

A Dissertation in Education         

Mitchell Steven Tepper



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This dissertation includes a review of related literature, discusses the concept of pleasure, defines orgasm, and describes the study conducted by the author of people with spinal cord injury and their sexuality.


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Mitchell S. Tepper, Ph.D., M.P.H.


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The Sexual Health Network, Inc.

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Sexual Health and Fertility after Brain and Spinal Cord Impairment

The website is being developed by the practicing physicians and sexual health nurses at ICORD (International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries) and Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre (VHHSC) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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This website was developed by a team of physicians and nurses especially trained in the area of sexuality and bladder care following traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. Many of the principles of changes to one’s physiology and treatment options apply to persons with other spinal cord or neurological impairment (whether they are born that way or acquired the disability through a medical condition, like multiple sclerosis for example). The goal of the website is to disseminate knowledge about sexual changes following spinal cord impairment or traumatic brain injury, and to direct the consumer to services that can be provided.


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