Sexuality Programs & Resources: Multiple Sclerosis

“Intimacy and Multiple Sclerosis”

The Cleveland Clinic Department of Patient Education and Health Information


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This article discusses various issues regarding intimacy and multiple sclerosis, including primary, secondary, and tertiary sexual effects, as well as the importance of communication with one’s partner and health care professional.


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The Cleveland Clinic

Department of Patient Education and Health Information

9500 Euclid Ave. NA31

Cleveland, OH 44195         

216-444-3771 or 800-223-2273 ext.43771


“MS and Intimacy” by Tanya Radford, 2005


National Multiple Sclerosis Society     


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This brochure discusses:  intimacy, the challenges of multiple sclerosis, useful suggestions even if MS is not the source of sexual problems,  the importance of communicating with one’s partner and doctor about sexual difficulties, how a person with MS should become educated on how MS can affect sexuality,  the importance of getting assessments of one’s medical condition as well as sexual function,  how to manage sexual problems, how to shift from being a caregiver to a lover, the importance of rediscovering one’s body, and sexual effects of MS.


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The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

733 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10017





“Multiple Sclerosis and Sexuality”

MS Means website    


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While MS Means has been designed to highlight issues pertaining to Canadian women and men with multiple sclerosis, it can be useful for anyone dealing with MS in their lives in Canada and around the world, or simply interested in learning more about MS. The web pages are about self-discovery in learning to cope with MS. “Multiple Sclerosis and Sexuality” discusses Sexual Changes due to MS and how these changes affect the person with MS emotionally, and lists online MS sexuality resources.


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Carolyne Means         


Multiple Sclerosis International Foundation (MSIF)     


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The webpages at the MSIF’s website discuss sexuality and MS in terms of: relationships, sexual changes due to MS, indirect factorslifestyle issues,  and issues relating specifically to women and men.


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Multiple Sclerosis International Foundation

3rd Floor Skyline House
200 Union Street

Tel:+44 (0) 20 7620 1911

Fax:+44 (0) 20 7620 1922