People with Disabilities on Tribal Lands: Education, Health Care, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Independent Living

National Council on Disability  


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This report examines research on health, rehabilitation, independent living, and education issues that affect people with disabilities living in Indian Country and discusses perspectives of American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) people with disabilities, tribal leaders, and federal agency representatives identified as productive in meeting the needs of people with disabilities living in tribal lands. This report also discusses barriers and challenges to effective government-to-government relationships, provides statistics on AI/AN people Living in Indian Country Overall, People with Disabilities in these populations, and Types of Disabilities; Barriers to Provision of and Access to Appropriate Services for People with Disabilities in Indian Country; Funding for Health Programs; Assessing the Effectiveness of Strategies for Reducing Barriers to Provision of and Access to Appropriate Services; Independent Living and Transportation in Indian Country; Innovation in Removing Barriers; and a discussion of a series of interviews conducted with federal and regional officials on government-to-government improvements including Recommendations to Increase Effective Government-to-Government Working Relationships.


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