Paralysis Resources: Sports and Recreation

BlazeSports America


Format             National organization


BlazeSports America provides sports training, competitions, summer camps and other sports and recreational opportunities for youth and adults who use wheelchairs, have a visual impairment, have an amputation, or who have a neurological disability such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida. Participant ages range, depending on the program, from 6 years through adulthood.  As of January 2006, BlazeSports America operates in 50 communities and 25 states and the District of Columbia. The national program is funded through corporate sponsorships, grants and individual donations.


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BlazeSports America, Inc.
280 Interstate North Circle
Suite 450
Atlanta, GA 30339          

(770) 850-8199

(770) 850-8179 (fax)


National Disability Sports Alliance (NDSA)


Format           National Coordinating Body

NDSA is the National Coordinating Body for competitive sports for individuals with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries and survivors of stroke and also provides programming for other physically disabling conditions such as muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. NDSA is responsible for administering and conducting   national championships in ten approved sports in the United States, disseminating safety and sports medicine information, and selecting athletes to represent the United States in international competition.  NDSA provides a variety of services and programs for its membership, including publications, educational programs, fund-raising activities, sports medicine programs, video resources and general information about sports related activities.

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National Disability Sports Alliance
25 West Independence Way
Kingston, RI 02881

(401) 792-7130


Sports & Recreation Program of the Paralyzed Veterans Association (PVA)


Paralyzed Veterans Association (PVA)


Format             Program

The goal of the Sports & Recreation Program of the PVA is to improve the quality of life of paralyzed veterans and other people with disabilities by expanding opportunities in sports and recreation, especially activities which enhance health and fitness for a lifetime. Some of the activities the PVA promotes includes the  National Veterans Wheelchair Games (NWPA), the PVA Bass Tour, the PVA National Trapshoot Circuit, the PVA/NWPA National Wheelchair Billiards Tournament Series, and the PVA/AWBA Bowling Tournament Series.  PVA supports the national governing bodies of many other disabled sports organizations, including:  National Wheelchair Basketball Association, United States Quad Rugby Association, American Wheelchair Bowling Association, National Wheelchair Softball Association, and National Wheelchair Pool Players Association.  The live PVA Sports Message Board is available for use on the PVA website and provides a forum for members to stay informed and connected, discuss upcoming events, and discuss any matters related to the Sports and Recreation Program.

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Paralyzed Veterans of America
Sports and Recreation Program
801 Eighteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

800-424-8200, ext. 752
TTY: 202-416-7622

Andy Krieger
Director of Sports and Recreation
800-424-8200, ext.757

Doug Beckley
Associate Director of Sports and Recreation, National Veterans Wheelchair Games
800-424-8200, ext.747

Alan Earl
Associate Director of Sports and Recreation, PVA Boating and Fishing Program & PVA National Bass Tour
800-424-8200, ext.738

Reed Weir
Associate Director of Sports and Recreation, PVA Shooting Sports VA National Trapshoot Program
800-424-8200, ext.687