National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC)

Federally-funded, created under IDEA 2004  


Format             national electronic file repository

NIMAC makes National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) files available for the production of core print instructional materials in specialized formats; NIMAC receives source files in NIMAS format from textbook publishers and makes these files available for download to authorized users in the U.S. and its territories through an online database. Once downloaded, files can be used to create a variety of specialized formats, such as braille, audio, or digital text, on behalf of qualifying blind, visually-impaired or print-disabled students in elementary or secondary school.  Because NIMAS files are source files, they are not student-ready files that can be handed off directly to a student in the classroom. To create the braille, audio, digital text, or other format, appropriate technology and training are necessary to convert files into the finished product.  NIMAC helps get NIMAS source files created by publishers into the hands of state educational agencies (SEAs), local educational agencies (LEAs) and their accessible media producers (AMPs) as quickly as possible, which helps ensure that the needed specialized format is ready for the student as soon as possible, without unnecessary delays at the beginning of the production process.

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