Health Promotion Curricula in CDC Funded States: South Carolina

Steps to Your Health—SC


Target Audience
People with cognitive disabilities


Steps to Your Health, an evidenced based ten-week health education program focuses on the essential steps to improve fitness and health behaviors. Steps to Your Health is highly effective with adults with cognitive disabilities from widely diverse backgrounds.  Participants with mental retardation, brain injury, and associated conditions have benefited from the program.  This community based intervention is presented to small groups in an interactive-lesson format and helps participants to increase daily exercise, manage stress, increase intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and lose weight.  Short-term expected outcomes include establishing strategies for optimum health, increasing health knowledge, and implementing healthy behaviors. The long-range outcomes are improved health and wellness, including increased stamina, energy and strength, and prevention of additional or secondary health problems.


Materials Utilized    

Facilitator and participant manuals, exercise manual, and cookbook


Contact Information           

Marlo Koger

University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

3209 Colonial Drive

Columbia, SC  29203

(803) 434-2365