Health Promotion Curricula in CDC Funded States: Oregon

Healthy Lifestyles—OR


Target Audience
People with disabilities

Healthy Lifestyles (HL) is a health promotion intervention appropriate for people with all types of disabilities, including people with various cognitive abilities, that provides participants with knowledge and skills to adopt healthier behaviors. A Healthy Lifestyles workshop is conducted over the course of three days and uses an integrated wellness and empowerment approach.  A team of people, with and without disabilities, from a Center for Independent Living (CIL) and the Oregon Office on Disability and Health lead the workshop.  The workshop takes a holistic approach to health and the participants learn about social health, physical health, emotional health, health through meaningful activities, and spiritual health or living one’s values.  Towards the end of the workshop, participants engage in developing personal and self-identified goals and objectives, as well as a game plan to reach their goals.  Utilizing support groups in the months following the training, participants develop confidence and skills as they work toward their goals to stay on a journey toward a healthy and happy life.  The primary outcome of this intervention is increased knowledge; the secondary outcomes include an increase in healthy behaviors and an increase in social support and social connection.


Materials Utilized    

Brochures:  Oregon Office on Disability and Health (PDF Version Available)
“Healthy in Mind, Body & Spirit: The Healthy Lifestyles Evaluation Project” (PowerPoint) By: Nasreen Abdullah, MD, MPH

Healthy Lifestyles” presentation at the Surgeon General’s Conference in Fall, 2001


Contact Information           

Angela Weaver, MEd
Health Educator

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