Health Care Transitions: Web, Video and Print Resources

Health Care Transitions:  Web, Video and Print Resources

The Institute for Child Health Policy at the University of Florida


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This webpage provides information on a variety of web, video, and print resources in the area of health care transitions of teens with special health care needs.  Included are written transition guides, health care transition workbooks, and streaming videos.


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Institute for Child Health Policy

University of Florida   

1329 SW 16th St., Room 5130
Gainesville, FL 32608

(352) 265-7220, ext. 86288



Transition Developmental Checklist


Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

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The Transition Developmental Checklist is a list of key skills to support health and independence, listed by age. The list can be used to work toward health and independence for youth, families, and people who work with them.   Ages associated with each skill are only suggested ages and can be open for discussion, since children grow at their own rates and may reach these milestones at different times.


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Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Office of the Secretary

275 East Main Street

Frankfort, KY 40621




Transition Health Care Checklist


Pennsylvania Department of Health


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The goal of this publication is to help youth/young adults with special health care needs make a successful transition to adult living that includes their health and health care. Since there is a gap in health services for youth with special health care needs in terms of insurance coverage, medical specialists, and medications coverage, the Transition Health Care Checklist was created to guide youth, families, and professionals during this time of change.


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Department of Health

Bureau of Family Health

7th and Forster Streets
7th Floor, East Wing
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120




“Transitions Readiness Tool”     


The JaxHATS Program (Jacksonville Health and Transition Services)


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The JaxHATS Program is an initiative to provide a medical home to young people ages 14-25 with special health care needs and promote their successful and efficient transition from pediatric to adult-based health care services.  Based on its work, this program has developed the Transitions Readiness Tool in two versions:  a Client version used with youth who are expected to acquire the skills needed to manage their own condition and health care needs independently, to set educational and career goals, and to live independently; and a Caregiver version for caregivers or parents to use when the patient, due to developmental disabilities, is unable to learn the skills needed to manage his or her health needs independently. JaxHATS has the patient or caregiver complete this self-assessment at intake and then jointly formulates a plan of care with the client, family, and team members to promote skill development in needed areas. The patient is reassessed in 6 months and again at one year.                      


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Jacksonville Health and Transition Services

New Office Location:
UF & Shands Health Science Center
Tower II
580 West 8th St., T-60
Jacksonville, FL 32209


Clinic Location:
UF & Shands Health Science Center
ACC Bldg, 1st floor, Internal Medicine Clinic
655 W 8th St
Jacksonville, FL 32209

(904) 244-9233