BRFSS State and Territory Questions Concerning Disability and Activity Limitation 1999-2005

The American Association on Heath and Disability (AAHD) surveyed state and territorial BRFSS coordinators requesting copies of questions added to BRFSS concerning disability or activity limitation between 1999 and 2005. This report presents a compendium of optional module and state-added questions used by each state.

In this document, BRFSS questions are presented in two formats. In Part A, the alphabetized state listing, you will find the questions asked by each state and the year(s) in which they were asked. Standard response options for some questions are included in Part A. In Part B, you will find the questions categorized according to their general content. The questions were categorized as follows: access, activity limitations, assistive equipment, attitudes on disability issues, nature of disability, and personal assistance. Within each category, the questions have been listed alphabetically with states and the years in which each was used. Similar questions were NOT combined. States which used identical wording for a given question are indicated. Part C contains two reference items: a listing of available state BRFSS websites and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health-Related Quality-of-Life 14-Item Measure.

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