Assistive Technology Demonstration Center

Provided by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) of the U.S. Department of Education


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The OCIO’s Assistive Technology Team supports Department of Education managers and supervisors in determining how technology can be used to meet the reasonable accommodation needs of employees with disabilities, and also assists with implementation of these accommodations.  These services include: needs assessments, technical support of all assistive technology recommended, specialty equipment and software demonstration, guidance to application developers and vendors regarding EDsoftware design requirements, accessible web site design consultation, and participation on committees on disability and access issues.  The Team analyzes the user’s workstation for accessibility, determines the user’s job requirements and assesses his or her current productivity, and provides a thorough written needs assessment recommending current and tested technologies.  The Team makes recommendations ensuring equal access to information, systems, and technologies, thus allowing increased productivity in an efficient and cost effective manner.  The Center showcases various assistive technologies, such as Screen Reading and Enlargement Software; Alternative Input Devices; Speech Recognition Software; Speech Synthesizers; A Networked TTY Solution; Ergonomic Keyboards; Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software; CCTVMagnifiers; Braille Embossers; Headsets for Computer and Telephone; Braille Translation Software; and Talking Caller ID Solutions.  In addition, the Department of Education provides Requirements for Accessible Software Design at


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Assistive Technology Demonstration Center

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