Health Education

Health Education Resources: Health Literacy

“Health Learning and People With Disabilities” by Shelley Hourston on the access to learning Canada website Canadian Council on Learning – Health Learning and People With Disabilities   Format             Online article   Originally published in the Forum department of Abilities, Issue 71 (Fall 2006), pp. 44-45, this article is the first in a series commissioned […]

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Health Education Resources: Health Care Professionals

Center for Disability Issues and the Health Professions (CDIHP)   Western University of Health Sciences               Format             Center                          The mission of CDIHP is to enhance health professions education, and to improve access for people with disabilities to health, health education and health care services.  The Center focuses on: improving the capabilities of health […]

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Health Education: Consumers

Assessing Health Information for Individuals With Disabilities   Research Triangle Institute (RTI)              Format             Evaluation In 2006, RTI worked with CDC’s Disability and Health Program to conduct an evaluation in New Mexico, New York, and North Carolina of state-level strategies and publications for meeting the health information needs of people with disabilities. The evaluation […]

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