Caregiver Resources: Children

Family Friends The National Council on the Aging                                Format             Intergenerational volunteer program   Family Friends matches men and women 55 years and older with families who have children with disabilities and chronic illnesses.  Volunteers visit the family’s home weekly and […]

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National Alliance for Caregiving

Format             Non-profit Organization           The National Alliance for Caregiving is a non-profit coalition of national organizations focusing on issues of family caregiving. Alliance members include grassroots organizations, professional associations, service organizations, disease-specific organizations, a government agency, and corporations.  The Alliance was created to conduct research, do policy analysis, develop national programs and […]

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Domestic Violence and People with Disabilities

West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WVCADV)           Format             Webpage         This webpage discusses how domestic violence can affect the lives of people with disabilities in ways that differ from people without disabilities. For example, people with disabilities may have caregivers who might withhold medical treatment, deny personal care and access to […]

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