AAHD Updates

On behalf of the board and staff of AAHD, we hope you enjoy our quarterly electronic newsletter, Health and Disability. This newsletter complements our weekly electronic newsletter, Disability and Public Health News. AAHD plays a key role in information dissemination, policy development and partnership education and collaboration in the field of disability and public health. The association also plays an active role in national coalitions and hosts the AAHD Public Policy Center.

AAHD uses social media and social marketing techniques to disseminate information on health and disability strategically. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Our official publication is the Disability and Health Journal, which is published by Elsevier and indexed on both Medline and PsychINFO.

In 2012, AAHD awarded scholarships to four deserving students pursuing coursework in disability and health or a related field. In addition to our listservs, coalition leadership roles, webinars and social media strategies, we are officially launching the AAHD Regional Liaison Program, which will further enhance our ability to disseminate health and disability information as well as enable the AAHD Regional Liaisons to disseminate health and disability information through AAHD’s numerous national networks.

AAHD continues to partner with universities, corporations and government to advance health promotion and wellness initiatives and reduce health disparities between people with and without disabilities. Please visit Initiatives on our website to learn more about AAHD’s work with Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and our efforts to increase breast health and access for women with disabilities. AAHD recently hosted two webinars on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on people with disabilities.

Our Health Promotion Resource Center continues to host Medline abstracts and programs and materials on numerous topics related to disability and health.

We hope you enjoy our spring 2013 newsletter. To learn more about the benefits of AAHD membership, please visit www.aahd.us/membership during our Spring Membership Campaign.