Week of November 27

HHS Issues Affordable Care Act (ACA) “Essential Health Benefits” Proposed Rules

Announced November 20 and published in the Federal Register November 26, with a December 26 deadline for public comments. See the regulations here.

CMS Issues Guidance on “Essential Health Benefits” and Medicaid

Available here is the November 20 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) letter to state Medicaid directors.

HHS Rules Encourage Wellness Program Participation

The November 20 HHS ACA rules also increase the maximum permissible reward for workers who participate in wellness programs.
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Sharp Increase in Employer Use of Wellness Program Incentives and Penalties

See November 14 Mercer.com annual employer health survey here.

HHS Issues Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Plan “Actuarial Value” Calculation Rules

The November 20 HHS rules define health plan obligations on the percent paid by a health plan of the total costs of benefits. This is important to consumers desiring that health plans maximize their benefits. Details are available in the November 21 Health Affairs blog by Professor Tim Jost. The blog analyzes all the November 20 HHS rules and is available here.

CMS Provides Guidance to States on Medicaid Managed Care Quality Oversight

The November 19 CMS letter to state Medicaid directors is here.

National e-Health Collaborative (NeHC) Issues Patient/Consumer/Person HIT Engagement Framework

On November 19, NeHC issued its recommended patient/consumer/person HIT engagement framework. The framework is here. Further information is available from www.nationalehealth.org

JAMA – Online Relationships Linked to More Office Visits

A November JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) study, reported November 20 by Medscape Medical News, reports that online relationships are associated with more physician office visits. The JAMA article is here.

Home and Community-Based Services vs Institutional Services

On November 21, AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) issued a report comparing HCBS and institutional services for older adults.
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CHIP – Successful Outreach Efforts

On November 7, NASHP (National Academy of State Health Policy) issued a report in successful outreach efforts in CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). The report is available here.

New Respite Resources – Transportation and Medicaid Waivers

The National Respite Network and Resource Center has published two additional resources – on transportation and Medicaid waivers. The Medicaid waiver resource is here.

January 18 Is Deadline for HUD Continuum of Care Applications

On November 9, HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) issued an announcement for grant applications. The announcement is here