Public Policy Advocacy: The Year in Review

AAHD has worked with numerous national colations during 2011 to promote the health and wellness of people with disabilities.

The association has been busy advocating for appropriate implementation of the Affordable Care Act for people with disabilities:

  • Securing essential health benefits
  • Ensuring access to health insurance exchanges and to accountable care organizations
  • Using health information technology to promote wellness
  • Strengthening and protecting Medicaid supports, including long-term services, health services to dual-eligible Medicaid-Medicare enrollees and children, and community living
  • Opposing block grant financing for Medicaid
  • Promoting mental health and alcohol screening in Medicare
  • Protecting children receiving Supplemental Security Income

AAHD has been a strong advocate for meaningful federal financial investment in health, including the CDC National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Prevention and Public Health Fund, and a variety of disability and public health programs. The association supports special efforts related to wellness and aging, child fitness, school nutrition, health and physical education in schools, combating autism, service dogs at the Veterans Administration, stopping abuse in teen boot camps, encouraging people with disabilities to become judicial nominees and addressing disability as a disparity.