AAHD Offers Members and Colleagues Free One-Year Subscription to EP Digital Journal

As a result of a recent collaboration with EP Global Communications, AAHD is pleased to offer a one-year complimentary subscription of Exceptional Parent (EP) Digital Journal to AAHD members and colleagues.

EP Digital Journal is the former Exceptional Parent magazine, published by EP Global Communications, a 40-year-old award-winning publishing and communications company (www.eparent.com). EP provides resources and educational information for families of children and adults with disabilities, as well as to health care professionals, educators and advocates.

This free subscription also includes the annual 2011 EP Digital Resource Guide, which offers the following:

  • National resources for specific disabilities
  • State assistive technology programs
  • Family-to-family resources
  • Adaptive programs
  • National information and advocacy resources
  • Federal and federally funded information resources
  • Parent training and information centers (PTIs)
  • Title V programs
  • Vocational rehabilitation programs
  • Early intervention programs

If you’re interested in receiving EP Digital Journal, sign up here.

Neither AAHD nor EP Global Communications releases their membership list or subscription list to any entities.

For more information, contact Roberta Carlin, M.S., J.D., AAHD, 301-545-6140, ext. 206, or e-mail rcarlin@aahd.us.