AAHD in the Spotlight

Roberta Carlin, AAHD Executive Director, was invited to be a Guest Expert on WebMD’s “Patient Voice” during April. This was a great opportunity to highlight the work of AAHD and discuss the importance of integrating disability into the public health agenda. AAHD also testified before the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee on Prepositioned Medical Countermeasures for the Public on “Prepositioning of Medical Countermeasures for At-Risk Individuals.” Please visit ww8.nationalacademies.org to learn more about the IOM and the MCM Committee.

AAHD was also invited to join the National Steering Committee for the SAMHSA 10 x 10 Wellness Campaign. Please visit http://10×10.samsha.gov to learn more about the campaign.

Download: 10×10 Wellness Campaign Poster

Download: 10×10 Wellness Campaign Brochure