Disability and Health Journal: July 2010

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Journal 2010, Volume 3, Issue Pages 133-224

Review Article

  • “Benefits of wellness interventions for persons with chronic and disabling conditions: A review of the evidence” by Alexia K. Stuifbergen, Marian Morris, Jae Hak Jung, Diana Pierini, Stephanie Morgan

Research Papers

  • “An evaluation of health communication materials for individuals with disabilities developed by three state disability and health programs”by Pamela Williams-Piehota, Jennifer Uhrig, Julia Kish Doto, Wayne Anderson, Peyton Williams, JoAnn M. Thierry
  • “Frequency of purchase and associated costs of assistive technology for Washington State Medicaid program enrollees with spina bifida by age”by Alyssa M. Bamer, Frederick A. Connell, Brian J. Dudgeon, Kurt L. Johnson
  • “Summative evaluation of a pilot aquatic exercise program for children with disabilities”by Maria Fragala-Pinkham, Margaret E. O’Neil, Stephen M. Haley
  • “Mood disorders and physical functioning difficulties as predictors of complex activity limitations in young US adults”by Bruce S. Jonas, Mitchell Loeb
  • “Quality of diabetes care for adults with developmental disabilities”by Theresa I. Shireman, Amanda Reichard, Niaman Nazir, James M. Backes, K. Allen Greiner
  • “Changes in autism spectrum disorder prevalence disorder prevalence in 4 areas of the United States”by Catherine Rice, Joyce Nicholas, Jon Baio, Sydney Pettygrove, Li-Ching Lee, Kim Van Naarden Braun, Nancy Doernberg, Chris Cunniff, Craig Newschaeffer, F. John Meaney, Jane Charles, Anita Washington, Lydia King, Maria Kolotos, Kristen Mancilla, Cynthia A. Mervis, Laura Carpenter, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp
  • “Risk for cognitive deficit in a population-based sample of U.S. children with autism spectrum disorder: Variation by perinatal health factors”by Laura A. Schieve, Jon Baio, Catherine E. Rice, Maureen Durkin, Russell S. Kirby, Carolyn Drews-Botsch, Lisa A. Miller, Joyce S. Nicholas, Christopher M. Cunniff
  • “Modeling caregivers” perception of children’s needs for formal care: Physical function, intellectual disability, and behavior”by Constance J. Fournier, Matthew J. Davis, Ashweeta Patnaik, Timothy R. Elliot, James A. Dyer, Emily E. Jasek, Charles D. Phillips

Brief Report

  • “Stroke in Young Adults” by Charles Ellis