Disability and Health Journal—Special Issue: “A Disability Perspective on the Issue of Physician Assisted Suicide”

Although public opinion in the United States on physician-assisted suicide is split fairly evenly, about half the states have either defeated bills to legalize assisted suicide or passed laws explicitly banning it. Oregon and Washington are the only two states to have legalized it. Against this charged backdrop, a special issue of the Disability and Health Journal presents “A Disability Perspective on the Issue of Physician-Assisted Suicide.” The Journal, which is published by Elsevier, is the official publication of AAHD. The January 2010 issue looks at assisted suicide and disability from a variety of perspectives, including legal considerations and the Oregon and Washington experiences.

The issue is available to all online at: www.disabilityandhealthjnl.com .

Please read the press release at: www.disabilityandhealthjnl.com.