AAHD and Susan G. Komen Grant

AAHD is the recipient of a 2009-2010 grant from Susan G. Komen for the Cure entitled “Project Accessibility: Removing Barriers for Women with Disabilities.” The purpose of the grant is to increase breast cancer screening among women with disabilities and women from various cultures by:

  1. Administering a survey tool to identify barriers to accessibility (environmental, architectural, communication, attitudinal, linguistic) in mammography facilities located in the District of Columbia; Prince George’s County in Maryland; Alexandria City in Virginia; and Fairfax, Loudon, Arlington, and Prince William Counties in Virginia.
  2. Increasing disability awareness, cultural sensitivity and knowledge of health care providers at mammogram facilities.
  3. Addressing cultural and linguistic barriers by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate materials for clients and healthcare providers that focus on breast self-exam techniques, cancer risk factors, and prevention.

We invite you to preview the materials we have developed at www.aahd.us

For further information on women with disabilities and breast health, please visit: