AAHD Susan Komen Grant

AAHD is mid way through a two year grant with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The name of the project is “Project Accessibility: Removing Barriers for Women with Disabilities”. The grant will implement a comprehensive education and empowerment intervention for women with disabilities who face environmental, cultural and linguistic barriers in receiving breast health care services at selected FDA approved mammogram facilities within DC and six surrounding counties. As part of this grant, AAHD has developed “The Disability and Cultural Awareness Compendium for Mammography Facilities” and “Tips For Mammography Staff: How to Serve Women with Disabilities More Effectively : and “Tips for Women with Disabilities: Getting Your Mammogram”. AAHD has also developed a Breast Cancer Screening Survey for Women with Disabilities. Please visit https://www.aahd.us/page.php?pname=health/initiatives/sgkomen2009-10 to view these documents and read about project updates.