Health Disparities in People with Disabilities – October 2015

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Dedicated to improve overall health and reduce health disparities for people with disabilities through health promotion and wellness.

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National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative (NDNRC) receivies funding for a 3rd yearmore info

AAHD announces role as Strategic Partner for Washington State University (Spokane) – NIDLRR Collaborative on Health Reform and Independent Living (CHRIL)… Read more

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Health Care For Americans with Disabilities – 25 Years after the ADAview webinar

32nd Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity will be held on April 25-26, 2016…more info

Health Disparities in the People with Disabilities in US… here

HHS Takes Next Step in Advancing Health Equity through ACA ….click here

July 30, 20th, CDC MMWR ReportPrevalence of Disability and Disability Type Report

ADA – 25 Year Anniversary – 10 Things to Know About the Americans with Disabilities Act… click here

NDNRC releases video series featuring important Affordable Care Act enrollment questions… more info

NCOA – Tips for Engaging People with Disabilities in Evidenced Based Programs  more info

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Disability and Health Data System webinar. The archived webinar can be found here.

National Council on Aging leads first ever National Falls Prevention Resource Center – visit

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“Making Self-Directed Care a Reality”

NIDILRR funded RRTC on Community Living and Participation of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities Collaboration, facilitated by Temple University, October 1 webinar and September guide.
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Big Cities Health Inventory

National Association of County and City Health Officers (NACCHO) and the Big Cities Health Coalition November 25 announced data on 30 health indicators in 26 cities
Learn more here.

NACCHO Updated Health and Disability Policy Statement

November 25 National Association of County and City Health Officers announcement
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Improving Community Health and Satisfying Community Needs: Role of Nonprofit Hospitals

October 29 CDC Preventing Chronic Disease Journal
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“Making The Business Case: Community Health Investments Yield Results”

CDC Division of Community Health (DCH) video
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